interview with iPadian The winner of Startup weekend Rabat

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today  we will talking about the startupweek of rabat and The story of programmed  ayman alkhal

ayman alkhal  is a moroccan boy have a 26 years old  so we  will discoreved it
when did you first made ​​a complete program  
well i was first creating websites and my iPadian is my first complete programme
? Have you experienced difficulties in programming, especially the first programming in your life 
no code is  like a poetry for me , i like create things so when i code and i make design it's my pleasure 

How did you learn programming and what programming languages ​​that you're professional  

since i was young i was in love with computers and then when i was in high school i start to create websites
after that  i study software engineer for  five years

Do you make programs as a hobby or is it professional or just a work

both i work as developeur and my hobbies too

are you thinking to profit a business with your software  

sure , i want to be like a startup in silicon valley 

Can you tell me us how you spent you're time with startup week rabat and How do you feel after winning

it's was amzing moment at startup weekend i did realy enjoy the 54h
we worked hard but with lot of pleasure i meet good friends we create a good team
the staff was so great , and coachs help us a lot of
the organisation was just perfect , and many people were also in startup weekend at Marrakech and Casablanca  and they said that Rabat was the most great one
after i won i didn't belive it . I was not attending at all i want just to picth my presentation in firday and to meet a team and to project my ideas to the team and ask coach
i still didin't belive that i won hhhhh

What is iPadian

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  • Webkit browser
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application in my lap top

for downald i padian Here
link of website Here
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