elizabet arden hydrating mask

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I bought this mask a few weeks ago and have been using it for about 3 weeks. I'm not sure exactly but I have probably used it between 6 and 10 times, and the results really are visible. It dries, but doesn't harden so that it is uncomfortable, after about 10-15 minutes. The instructions on the back say it should be left on the skin for 5-10 minutes, but I find that between 10-15 minutes is much more effective. It smells lovely, I can't really explain the scent but when I use this mask I feel like I've just had a facial - that kind of salon smell ya know. It's not so intense that it can only be used once a week, but it really is effective. I definitely recommend this to people with dry skin. قبل فترة نزلت صور لمشترياتي ولكن مع الامتحانات والانشغالات لم اتكلم عنها او بالاحرى وددت ان اخد وقت لها لتجربتها ماسك مرطب من اليزابيت منذ اول استعمال حسيت بترطيب بوجهي بماانو بشرتي مختلطه فهو ينفع للبشرة دهنية ايضا استعمله مرة بالاسبوع واحيانا مرتين ادا لم استعمل ماسك سان ايف اتركه مدة عشر دقايق لانو اظن لو طولت المدة ممكن تتهيج البشرة لا اتذكر سعره ولكن فمتناول الجميع

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