bleu& fucshia

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One of my favorite color combinations is blue and red.  
While I am known to wear a red pump with just about everything, there is nothing
 I love more than pairing them with a navy top or purse. 
 Now that the weather is getting warmer, I gravitate to bolder, brighter hues. 
 Switching out red for fuchsia is one way to update my favorite combo for the spring/summer. 

blue and pink

One of the tricks of wearing two bold colors, is to keep everything 
else neutral.  One way I like doing this is adding beige and gold jewelry
 and accessories.  That is especially important in the case of this little
 blue dress and fuchsia pumps, where you are wearing color from head to toe.

Blue and Pink Shorts

Does this not scream, Island popping in the caribbean? In this case, 
when color blocking garments, you should make sure to wear a beige shoe as well.

Tee and Jeans
Since these skinnies are already toned down with a plain basic white tee 
and navy flats, there is no reason why you can't add just a slight hint of 
another color.  In this case, I'm using a peach bag since it's still pretty
 neutral but adds a bit more dimension in the color scheme. 

Pink and Pink and Blue

This is a slight take on the first look, flipping the blue and pink; however
 this time, I'm muting the pink in the dress and adding another shade with the bright clutch.  

Blue and Pink Jeans

I don't tend to like anything too match matchy and wouldn't normally match my top
 to my purse, but since both are dark shades of blue, I am making an exception here.
 I also think that with the dark trouser jeans, its creating an otherwise monochrome
 look and adding just a pop of color on the foot.  
Blazer and Pumps
I love effortless casual chic and one of my favorite looks are boyfriend jeans
 with pumps and a blazer.  Like with the skinnies above, since the blazer is dark and 
we are working with a simple plan white tank and jeans, I'm adding another pop of color with
 the yellow bag.  I am also keeping the jewelry a bit more understated and opting for silver 
over gold.  
So what do yo think?  Do you like the blue and fuchsia combo? What as your favorite look of the 6?

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